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Department of Chemistry

Sr. Carol Meyers D.A.

Professor of Chemistry
Office: Achatz Hall 215
Phone: 260-399-7700 x8223 

BS, Saint Francis College
MS, University of Notre Dame
DA, Carnegie Mellon University

Sr. Carol teachs physical chemistry, environmental chemistry and on-line introductory chemistry. She has special interests in pedagogy as related to chemistry and the interface of science and religion. She is researching the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition in the origins of science. She studies water quality in Gangweir ditch and our own Mirror Lake. Recently she has been working on using Vernier LabQuest to gather data for environmental analysis. She has participated in the University of Montana-NMR and GC-MS summer program, Argonne National Laboratory-Nuclear Chemistry, University of California-Irvine-Radiation Chemistry, Calvin College-Computational Chemistry and various safety and health workshops related to chemisty.