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Keith Busse School of Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership

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Busse EPIC Business Administration

Business is the common language of the world. Learn to speak it in the classroom, in the work place, and wherever you go in the world.

Be challenged.  Be on the cutting edge.  Be in demand.

As a Busse EPIC (Entrepreneurial Program with Integrated Cooperatives) BBA student, you will gain two years of paid work experience through a series of four to six month co-op rotations in each of the key functional areas of a successful business.  You will graduate in only four years. 

Sound incredible? That's why we call it E.P.I.C.

In addition to gaining extensive paid work experience, you will also receive:

E.P.I.C. experience + rigorous academic preparation = a relevant business education. Put your education into practice.

EPIC Admission Requirements