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Keith Busse School of Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership

Michael O'Neil, M.B.A

Professor Emeritus of Business

Michael O'NeilMichael O'Neil is Professor Emeritus in the Keith Busse School of Business & Entrepreneurial Leadership at the University of Saint Francis. In addition to his educational and classroom experiences, he has held positions of influence in a variety of business organizations. His endeavors in these organizations were directed toward sales, sales management, management development, organizational development, and staff management.

Professor O'Neil's expertise is in the areas of management, leadership, organizational behavior, human resources, and personal selling. He has, over the years, been a consultant and outside resource to many organizations - both profit and non-profit. This has resulted in his giving over 450 presentations, seminars, and keynote addresses.

Areas of Expertise

Strategic Human Resource Management, Sales Training & Management, Executive Development, Organizational Effectiveness, Event Planning & Management


Co-authored with Dr. J. Jain "Compensation Framework for a Changing Environment." Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute, 1995.

Co-authored with Dr. J. Jain "A Changing Environment Calls for a Restructuring of the Compensation System." Presented at the Global Conference on Small & Medium Industry & Business, 1996.

Paper entitled "Building the Northbound Train" presented at the Society for the Advancement of Management International Business Conference, 2006.

Co-host or speaker in each of the following:

PrintLeadership - Twelve videotapes on how to build a business.

"Selling with Confidence" - Videotape that illustrates, through role-plays, the value of using scripts in the various phases of the selling process.

"The Coach" - A set of ten double-sided audiotapes dealing with all facets of the selling process.

(All of the above were marketed nationally through Instant Copy Support Systems and Instant Copy, Inc.)

Books self-published

The "Nuts & Bolts Manual of Professional Selling"

"Front-Line Selling"

Articles published in Supervision Magazine

"Developing Leaders"

"Leading the Team

"How to Implement Relationship Management Strategies"

"Getting Better"

"At What Cost"

"A Simple Effective Approach to the Strategic Planning Process"

"Converting Motivation to Change"

Article published in The American Salesman entitled "The Presentation Interview," 2000.