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Biology at USF

Teaching Excellence

The Department of Biology at the University of Saint Francis emphasizes teaching excellence in a supportive learning environment. We focus on students and meet their needs in a variety of ways, including the use of computers to aid instruction, traditional lecture-discussion, lab courses, individualized instruction, tutorials and reviews. Our department takes an interdisciplinary approach and introduces students to the many facets of biology. A well-rounded curriculum consisting of molecular biology, ecology, physiology, and microbiology advances the students’ knowledge and career opportunities.

In addition to traditional laboratory experiences, the department has access to the 100 acre Lindenwood Environmental Learning Center located within a quarter mile of the campus for student learning and research. Our department has placed student naturalists in a variety of Parks and Recreation departments and Outdoor Education programs. Outdoor hands-on learning is also made available through a variety of field courses taught in areas as varied as the deserts of the southwestern U.S., the subtropical Bahamas, our local Northeast Indiana Region, and the mountains of the southeastern U.S.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that science is a process, not simply a collection of facts and theories. Biologists are scientists who “practice” biology.

Students succeed by participating in the process. We involve students in scientific research projects with faculty mentors. Faculty members are also involved in their own research which keeps them current in their discipline and ensures freshness and vitality in their teaching.

Faculty members are currently involved in research projects in these areas: reproductive biology, transposable element biology, endocrinology, forest ecology, avian population biology, vertebrate physiology, freshwater mussel ecology, and marine biology.