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Admissions Requirements

Applicants must submit an admissions portfolio to the Honors Director by the third Friday in January that contains the following items:

The Honors Council will also examine the student's performance at USF, seeking evidence of a 3.5 GPA in all previous university work and evidence that the student will achieve at least sophomore status (30+ hours) by the following fall. After portfolios have been reviewed, qualified applicants interview with the Honors Council.

Program Progression

All Honors courses aim to incorporate Franciscan values and tradition into college coursework and promote interdisciplinary learning. The program consists of several courses.  Students are encouraged to take just one program course each semester of their sophomore, junior and senior year. Students will take: HONR 201, HONR 202, HONR 300, HONR 400 and IDS 490. 

After acceptance into the Honors Program, students must enroll in HONR 201 for the program. HONR 300 and IDS 490 courses can be taken anytime after the 200-level HONR courses, but junior or senior status is required for IDS 490. In HONR 300, students earn one credit hour for a 50-hour community service project. The three one-hour IDS 490 credits should be designed to enrich a traditional 3 or 4 credit hour majors course in which the student is enrolled. HONR 400 must be taken during the students' senior year when they register for Senior Capstone in their major. Other than the 200-level HONR courses, all Honors projects and studies must be approved by the students major advisor, enriched course instructor and the Honors Director and/or Honors Council.


In addition to meeting with their major advisor prior to registration, Honors Program students must also meet with the Honors Director. The Honors Director will sign for courses on an Add/Drop form for the student to supply to the Registrar. HONR 300 and IDS 490 require a Learning Contract to be completed prior to registering. Students may obtain these forms from their regular advisor or the Honors Program Director. Students cannot register via the Internet for any Honors Program courses, but must register in person at the Registrar's Office.