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John Duns Scotus Honors Program

Think. Think again.

In the Honors Program, self-motivated students of exceptional academic ability can participate in an enriched academic experience. Students in any major may apply to the program by the third Friday of January of their freshman year and begin the coursework the following fall. All students who can demonstrate the ability to complete the Honors experience are welcome.

Honors students seek exposure to an environment that fosters collaborative study and enables them to use their own experiences and abilities in the service of the community and the university. The values of the program underlie the program's goal to provide students with "something else" in the Franciscan Way. These values include:

Students who complete the program receive recognition of their work at the Honors Convocation and on their diploma. Being an Honors student should not to be confused with being on the Dean's List or graduating "with honors." All students have access to these university honors. The Honors student seeks "something else" that will make his or her experience at USF especially valuable and enriching.