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School of Arts and Sciences

Why Arts and Sciences

What can I do with a degree from the School of Arts and Sciences?

The quick answer is: "anything you want." Employers recruit liberal arts graduates because they have learned how to learn, and have the inner resources to do so speedily and confidently. Graduate schools seek students who are not just well-versed in their field, but also possess the ability to think critically and learn rapidly. Graduates from the School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Saint Francis become intentional learners: that means that they are quick studies and highly competent professionals, who are intellectually agile, imaginative, able to connect vast fields of new knowledge with perennial wisdom and enduring truths, and profoundly responsible to their professions and communities.

What is unique about studying Arts and Sciences at the University of Saint Francis?

Liberal arts education began in Catholic universities long ago, and the values that inspired this education are central to academic life at the University of Saint Francis. Part of this Catholic and Franciscan educational tradition is the value placed on faith and reason as complements to each other, and not antagonists. Faith and reason are, as Pope John Paul II wrote, "like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth." The faculty and students in the School of Arts and Sciences see faith as enabling reason to fulfill its own dynamic quest toward ultimate truth and coherence, and reason as enabling faith to make sense of what it believes.