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School of Creative Arts

Media Entrepreneurship Training in the Arts - META

META is a cross-disciplinary collaborative that focuses on rigorous project-based learning to uniquely address the changing landscape of creative industries and potentially foster the growth of small businesses. The META curriculum emphasizes:

The program gives USF students an advanced opportunity to experience and develop a variety of skill sets important not only in their chosen field, but crucial for understanding fundamental business components, industry interaction, and spurring entrepreneurial ventures in the community. Students in most majors with a GPA of 3.0 or higher may apply to the program at the end of their sophomore year. Benefit to students include:

First META Year (Junior Status) focuses on developing the fundamental understanding of the META disciplines and developing the skill set to complete a successful project.  Students will gain META experience through internal USF projects.

Second META Year (Senior Status) is designated to gaining experience working in teams for outside agencies and businesses.  Students will work in teams to complete projects selected by the META Faculty.  Students may also complete their Senior Capstone Course in META hours.

View the Curriculum Plan for the META Program.

Accepting Students into META:

For more information contact Andrea Robinson Hinsey, META Director, at 260-399-7700, ext. 8018 or