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Sisters enjoying the Tincaps baseball game

An undergrad's family enjoying Family Day at USF

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Alumni & Development

Alumni Cabinet

Adam Swinford

Adam Swinford (BSE '00)
Alumni Cabinet President

 Dani Kiefer

Dani (Vonderau) Kiefer (BA '99)
Alumni Cabinet President-Elect

 Cheryl Mills Cheryl Mills (AS '89, BLS '03, MBA '06)
Alumni Cabinet Secretary
Deanna Beauchot

Deanna Beauchot (BBA '00, MBA '03)

Michael Bitler

Michael Bitler (BSW '06)

Deb Brandenberger

Deb Brandenberger ('75, MSN '98)

Danielle Collins

Danielle Collins (BA '11)

Nathan Froning

Nathan Froning (BA '94)

Kristin Guss

Kristin Guss (BSW '09)

No photo available  Alex Hunter (BBA '09)
Rebecca Norton

Rebecca Norton (BSW '10)

Andy Papagiannis

Andy Papagiannis (BBA '06)

Cheryl Rogers

Cheryl Rogers (BBA '82, MBA '88)

Kely Sandels

Kely Sandels (BA '00, MS '02)

Nina Settappa

Nina Settappa (BA '07)

Reneta Thurairatnam

Reneta Thurairatnam (MBA '10)

Sara (Schmitz) Wehrkamp  Sarah (Schmitz) Wehrkamp (BA '07)
Jessica Swinford

Jessica Swinford (BBA '98, MBA '10)
Director of Alumni Relations

Ex-Officio Members:
Jessica Swinford (BBA '98, MBA '10), Director of Alumni Relations

Alumni Endowed Scholarship 2014 Recipients


If you have questions or want to contact a member of the Cabinet call Jessica Swinford at 260-399-8032 or e-mail at