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Office of Admissions

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Your Admissions Counselors


Please scroll through the following directory to find the counselor who works in your area.


Aaron West

Admissions Counselor
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Aaron works with first-time students in southern Indiana and Ohio.
He also works with students in Allen County with  zip codes from 46802-46809.


Julie Townsend

Admissions Counselor
  Email Julie


Julie works with all international students and students in northern ohio and northeast Indiana.
She also works with students in Allen County with  zip codes from 46835-46845.

Julie also speaks Spanish!




Mariana Glover

Admissions Counselor
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Mariana works with first-time students in northcentral Indiana, Michigan and all states west of the Mississipi River.
Mariana also speaks Spanish!




Tara Moloney

Assistant Director of Admissions Outreach Programs
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Tara heads up the ACE program and our Catholic and homeschool outreach initiatives.
She also works with transfer students whose last name start with A-C.




Daniel Carter

Admissions Counselor
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Daniel works with first-time students in northwest Indiana, Illinois and everyone east of the Missisippi River (besides Indiana, Michigan and Ohio).
He also works with students in Allen County with  zip codes from 46814-46825.





Transfer Students

Are you a transfer student? We have counselors that specialze in helping you transfer your credits from another college or university.



Admissions Staff


JP Spagnolo

Associate VP of Enrollment Management
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Maria Reichhart

Director of Undergraduate Admissions
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Natalie Wagoner

Assistant Director of Admissions
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Kristen Emick

Event and Visit Coordinator
  Email Kristen


Kristen plans campus events and schedules individual visits.



Kristin Jones

Communications Coordinator
  Email Kristin


Kristin writes for the Office of Admissions.

She also updates a few other things.