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Crown Point

Written by Dr. J. Andrew Prall

If time is a diamond, if within a diamond
a lattice, lovely array of points repeating
like voices in a subtle chorus, then each

moment a point in which we find
ourselves refracted, prismatic, spectral
colors of possible selves past and present

dapple celestial walls, choices shadow
and blur in God’s flickering light, aural
haze of the infinite contained, cloudless

and eye-clean, each moment framed
in fluorescent symmetry. Behold
or beheld, the transforming power

of discernment, the heart-shaped
cut that knowledge forged, feathered
by pressure of growth underground

now surfacing, circulating, building,
we emerge both chosen and choosing,
beauty refined by divine architecture.

Through crown, pavilion, and point,
ourselves the diamond’s fire, spirits
dispersed and mingled with those 

gone before, saints and apostles,
brothers and sisters, birds and fishes,
each drawn breath contemporary 

and ancient, we in symphony,
synchronicity, humbly crowned
by His love sublime.