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Your USF account password will be randomly generated when your account is created. The password will expire every 180 days, so you will need to change the password before it is set to expire. If the password does expire, you will need to contact the Help Desk in order to reset the password. Currently, no warning exists for off-campus users.

After incorrectly entering your password 3 times, your account will become locked for 30 minutes. At this point, you can either wait until your account becomes unlocked to try again or visit the Help Desk to have your password reset. You may also reset the password on your own using the Password Reset application. The Password Reset tool can only be used if you have previously enrolled your account in this service.

These new complexity requirements include:

Password Reset

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For off campus users, you will need to use the Password Reset application. Enrolling your account in the Password Reset will allow you to change your password, reset your password or unlock your account, from anywhere. This application allows you to set security questions that must be answered correctly in order to change your password. After enrolling your account in this application, you can do routine password maintenance tasks without contacting the Help Desk. (Please note, your current password must be in good standing before enrolling.)

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Statue of Saint Francis

Fun Fact about St. Francis:

At his birth in 1182, his mother had her new baby son baptized John (Giovanni), after St. John the Baptist. However, his father, Pietro di Bernardone, a rich cloth merchant who was away on business at the time, renamed him Francis (Francesco) because France was where he made his fortune.