Picture Perfect: SOCA Presidential Gala

The work of three acclaimed contemporary photographers, smooth riffs from a live jazz band, delicious appetizers under tent, luscious desserts, Club Soda libations and nice weather added up to a picture-perfect experience for those attending the opening of the USF art season—the Presidential Gala at the School of Creative Arts on Sept. 7.

“Beyond the Human Experience: Three Contemporary Photographers - Luis González Palma, Gabriela Morawetz and Holly Roberts” showcased three internationally recognized photographers that define the human experience as a visual language, figuratively and symbolically.

Each artist used photography and nontraditional media such as paint, collage, fabric and metal to create uniquely visual works that fascinated the viewing audience.

Guatemala resident González Palma examined the power of communication through the gaze and body language of his subjects. His powerful and moving portraits of the indigenous Maya of Guatemala mesmerized viewers.

The work of Morawetz, of Poland, described the sleeping self as it relates to human subconsciousness and isolation. Many large works were installed with dual layers or overlaid with tulle to create a holographic look.

Roberts, an American, used paint, foil and aerial photographs to create works describing unknown interpersonal realities that heighten the natural and sublime found in the world.

On hand at the gala after delivering a Closer Look lecture at the North Campus Sept. 5, Roberts said she uses aerials shot from planes during her travels to augment meaning in her works. “The photographic image allows me to begin the process of trying to determine where it is that I need to go,” she explained in an exhibit card description. Some of her works are part of collections housed in the Art Institute of Chicago.

In conjunction with the exhibition, the Artist Spotlight Gallery displayed a collection of photographs donated to the University of Saint Francis by nationally recognized photographer and instructor, Stephen Perfect. These photographs are by Perfect’s artist partners or students over a 30-year teaching career at Saint Francis College and other schools.

The exhibit runs through Oct. 6. Weatherhead Gallery hours are Monday–Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and Sunday 1-5 p.m. For more information, call 260-399-8064.

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SOCA Presidential Gala