19th Annual CEO Forum Looks at Future of Sustainability

"The Future of Sustainability: Impact on Efficiency, Innovation and Profit" is USF's 19th Annual CEO Forum, hosted by the Keith Busse School of Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership. The forum, which features General Motors Vice President for Sustainability and Global Regulatory Affairs Mike Robinson as keynote speaker, will be held at USF's North Campus on Thursday, Oct. 18, from 8:15 to 11:45 a.m.

Part of the University of Saint Francis' over-arching "Future of" lecture series, the forum will focus on practices that many analysts believe drive long-term business success. As such, the forum can aid many professionals, from the small business owner to the executive manager of a large company, in discovering how sustainability can give organizations a competitive advantage and position them strategically for the years ahead.

Robinson will discuss how sustainability can impact cash flow, generate more profit, increase efficiency and stimulate innovation. He will describe GM's measures to respect the environment and save resources through policies that transform facilities into landfill-free sites and support zero-waste recycling — policies that have placed GM at the forefront of its marketplace.

A panel of leaders from companies known for environmentally sound and cost-effective practices will be on hand to discuss sustainability from a variety of perspectives. Panel members include Paul Chodak III, President and Chief Operating Officer for Indiana Michigan Power (IMP) in Fort Wayne, which serves over 582,000 customers; Tom Horter, President and CEO for Bluffton, Ind.-based Alexin LLC, a recycler of scrap aluminum that serves the distribution, machinery, military, medical, electrical, RV/MH and consumer durables markets; Tom Huntington, CEO for WaterFurnace International Inc., a Fort Wayne-based manufacturer and distributor of environmentally friendly and efficient heating and cooling systems; Dave Mathis, Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing for Kansas-based Golden Heritage Foods LLC, a honey producer; and Dave Steiner, an environmental attorney and partner in the Fort Wayne legal firm of Barrett & McNagny, who engages in environmental counseling for businesses and individuals.

Serving as panel moderator will be Dr. Joe Steensma, a USF biology graduate and professor in the school of business. In 1999, Steensma launched Industrial Solutions Group. During his 10 years as owner-manager, he developed the business into one of the most well-known and respected environmental health and risk management companies in the United States.