Center for Service Engagement Offers Opportunities for Alumni

If you have a heart for service but don’t know how to connect with opportunities, take advantage of the Center for Service Engagement.

Established a year ago, the Center creates an even greater connection between campus and community through the university’s service and volunteerism. The center coordinates efforts by working with community partners, students, clubs and organizations, athletic teams and faculty to provide service opportunities and assist with service-learning in USF course offerings and co-curricular programs.

Working through Director Katrina Boedeker, USF alumni can serve in a variety of ways. Service days such as “Better Together” on Oct. 23, which focuses on understanding and helping Fort Wayne’s Burmese refugee population, or Martin Luther King Jr. Day in January require many team leaders and pairs of helping hands.

Additionally, alumni can use the Center’s new website,, to search for service opportunities in the community. To enroll, email Katrina at and ask her to sign you up.

Alumni who work, volunteer or serve on the board of a not-for-profit organization can suggest their organization partner with USF to meet their needs for volunteers. Students learn community service and earn course credit, while community agencies see their needs for volunteers met. Everyone wins. Call the Center at 260-399-7700, ext. 6791 to learn more.