New Degree: B.S. in Science and Entrepreneurship

This fall, the University of Saint Francis is offering a new degree, the Bachelor of Science in Science and Entrepreneurship. The program will provide students with the scientific background and business savvy to enable them to put new scientific discoveries to work for business.

As graduates of the program, students will be prepared to create new science-related businesses, manage an established industry’s laboratory or go into a Master of Business Administration or Professional Science Master program.

High school students planning a career in science or business will benefit from the new degree program, as will others who are looking to broaden their career opportunities. These include high school students interested in creating businesses, people wanting to reposition themselves in the job market and workers seeking to enhance their job skills.

The new degree program also fits neatly with Vision 2020, a regional economic development initiative begun by Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, which serves as a contact point for businesses interested in locating in northeast Indiana. Graduates with strong skills in science, technology, engineering and math are expected to be of particular value to area industries.

For additional information, check out our news release.