End zone project shaping up

Excavation has begun to build a new facility in the south end zone of D’Arcy Stadium. The South End Zone Strength Training Center will enhance the stadium while creating opportunities for excellence for all USF athletes. The facility will hold a locker room for visiting teams, a training center for USF athletes and a covered outdoor viewing area. The fitness center will offer weight training equipment and a track for short acceleration exercises.

The stadium project is scheduled for an Oct. 5 completion date, which will have it in place in time for Homecoming weekend Oct. 11-13, barring delays. The foundation was poured in mid-May, and the walls will begin to go up early in June.

“The Strength Training Center will optimize specific strength training to allow USF athletes to achieve a level of excellence not possible before,” said USF Athletic Director Mike McCaffrey. “It will also free up training space for other USF athletes and fitness enthusiasts.”