Love Connections

Michael Alberico and Emily Ottenweller
Written by Maria Didier
Interviewee: Michael Alberico

Where there is chemistry there is love, and for two Saint Francis alums, there was more than just chemical compounds forming together. Michael Alberico (BA '10), co-owner of The Waynedale News, and Emily Ottenweller (BS '10), graduate student at the University of Notre Dame, are both USF graduates who first ignited their relationship in 2004 at Bishop Luers High School, where the two met in a chemistry class. Luckily for Mike, receiving tutoring assistance from Emily not only helped him survive chemistry class but also caused a reactionary love potion. But when prom time came around, despite their flirting and chatting over molecular formulas, Mike had his goggles focused on asking a cheerleader. To his surprise, the cheerleader had already said yes to another boy, but she knew of a young lady who always talked about Mike and flirted with him in chemistry class. Without hesitation, Mike asked his tutoring chem partner to the prom and they shared a night of dinner, dancing and a first movie, 13 Going on 30, together. That night, watching the stars, Mike and Emily's relationship soared.

When graduation loomed, Mike knew he wanted to stay close to Emily while going to college since she still had one year of high school to complete. The welcoming feeling that USF provided and the outstanding computer graphic design program it offered made Mike's decision to choose Saint Francis and be closer to Emily a blessing. The couple's love for each other strengthened at USF, especially during their two-week study abroad trip to Italy where, surrounded by their close friends, they reignited their relationship and began to appreciate the love they had for each other. Whether it was supporting Emily at the football stadium as she cheered for USF, or Emily attending Mike's art galleries, this couple knew their partnership was for life. When Mike's mom told him the family planned to go to Italy for the summer of 2011 and invited Emily to join, he knew it was the right moment to propose. "I knew we were ready for the future together and the timing was perfect, especially because we had been there before," said Mike. "Day in and day out, Emily has been there to support me. She is my past and my future, and I look forward to spending a lifetime with her."

The relationship that ignited in a chemistry class held a flame throughout their college adventures, and the couple plans to celebrate their marriage in the spring of 2013 here in Fort Wayne. The University of Saint Francis Alumni Association congratulates Michael Alberico and Emily Ottenweller on their engagement and wishes them a lifetime of happiness.

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