Love Connections

Here is a Love Connections story told by Sydney (Deputy) Riggs (BA '10):

Ben Riggs (BA '10) and I met in 2006, our freshman year at Saint Francis. We were in the same Foundations for Success class. He noticed me early on. I, sadly, didn't know he existed for some time. A mutual friend of ours, Emily Rice (to whom we are indebted forever), did a little matchmaking on his behalf. When she approached me about him, our exchange went something like this:

Emily: "Do you know Ben Riggs?"
Me: "Never heard of him."
Emily: "He's in our Foundations for Success class?"
Me: "Not ringing any bells."
Emily: "He sits in the corner?"
Me: "Still nothing. Sorry."

She proceeded to show me his picture on Facebook, and told me he thought I was cute and wanted to go out with me. The rest, as they say, is history! We just got married about 10 months ago, and we're eternally grateful to God, Saint Francis, Emily and whoever else may have had any role in our meeting. Thanks for taking the time to read our story.

Share your story

We have added the Love Connections section to the e-newsletter, and are always looking for more stories. We would like to collect stories of USF alumni who married USF alumni. We would publish their stories in the e-newsletter and the Saint Francis magazine. If you would like to submit a story, please e-mail Jessica (Meyer) Swinford '98 and '10, assistant alumni director, at or mail to: 2701 Spring St., Attn: Jessica Swinford, Fort Wayne, IN 46808.

We look forward to reading your stories and sharing them with the USF family.