Lilly Endowment Grant Received

The University of Saint Francis has received a $1 million five-year grant from Lilly Endowment Inc., which will be used to begin a new risk management insurance degree program at the bachelor level. A portion of the award will also be used to implement long-term strategies to build students’ career readiness, with the university contributing roughly $500,000 in services to support these efforts.

The first of its kind in northeast Indiana, the new Risk Management Insurance (RMI) degree is targeted for Fall 2015. The degree is intended to respond to the needs of employers who are anticipating a high number of retirements in the next five years within the growing insurance industry. New professionals in the region will be needed to replace these retirees.

A portion of the grant will fund revitalization of the university’s Career Outreach Center, which connects students with internships and assists in career placement. In addition, the grant will support full implementation of USF’s Media Entrepreneurship Training in the Arts (META) program through marketing, student recruitment and other promotional needs.

For more information, go to our news release.