USF Buys Scottish Rite Center

Simultaneously preserving a historic Fort Wayne landmark and establishing a home for USF’s new Media Entrepreneurship Training in the Arts (META) program, the University of Saint Francis purchased the Scottish Rite Center at 431 W. Berry St. The building is being renamed the University of Saint Francis Performing Arts Center.

With 82,672 square feet and a 2,018-seat auditorium, as well as meeting rooms, ballroom, offices and lounges, the multi-use facility lends itself well to the university’s intended purpose: creating a media production complex in which students can be educated in the arts disciplines and profitable business enterprises can be created. Specifically, the center’s META program will be hands-on and media team-driven in an entrepreneurial manner, facilitating the establishment of student collaborative relationships. The result will be students graduating with real-world experience and a ready-made network.

The multimedia center will serve as the main facility for a number of USF’s existing programs and also provide a home for new programs. Among the professional concentrations being considered are instructional multimedia performance centers, documentary photography, entrepreneurial education, theater and arts administration and two- and three-dimensional media production.

In addition, the center will serve as a performance hall for USF productions and convocations. It is likely the building will provide a venue for public conferences, productions, concerts and professional meetings, as well.

USF Buys Scottish Rite CenterThe university’s purchase of the Scottish Rite structure will not only provide USF with exceptional facilities in which to educate students in the arts and better prepare them for careers in the media industry but also have a positive impact on the regional economy. Primarily, the economy will benefit from the creative reuse of a historic building, and local and regional artists and organizations will enjoy the advantage of being able to employ high-quality professionals who are ready to enter the workforce.

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