Love Connections

Erin Patton-McFarren (BA '99) and Jeremy McFarren (BA '98), knew each other in high school, but "met" at a punk show in college. He started the courtship by shooting wads of paper at her across the table.

When School of Creative Arts Dean Rick Cartwright started taking groups to Europe again, they went so they could see the masterpieces they studied.

By the time they got to Florence, she knew something was up, but thought he was contemplating getting the big chunk of Parmesan cheese through customs. He was thinking about the ring he bought.

She doesn't think she let him finish asking.

Looking forward to their (lucky) 13th anniversary, with their beautiful kids, Olivia, 9, and Nigel, 6, they'll go to dinner, and talk and talk and talk — mostly about how lucky they are to have one another. And listen to some old punk-rock songs.

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