Recap of Network for Success and Mad Ants game

Network for Success

On Thursday, February 21, Alumni Relations teamed up with each of USF’s schools to host a Network for Success event for students and alumni. That evening, 180 students eagerly walked into the USF Performing Arts Center auditorium to listen to presenter Karen Hickman of Professional Courtesy discuss how to “work a room.” She gave the students pointers and instructed them to set goals before joining the group of more than 50 alumni and friends in the networking event already in progress.

There was much excitement as students joined the event. Many of them met their goals of connecting with three to four alumni during the course of the evening.

Senior USF student Cole DeNise said, “...The networking event was awesome (with a capital “A”). I wanted to express how nicely planned the event was and how it was an amazing opportunity for students, including myself. Nice work! Even though I am a senior this year, I would make the recommendation that Alumni Relations continue to have a similar event once a year. I was highly impressed and learned so much.”

Mad Ants basketball game

Over 95 USF alumni and families gathered on a Friday evening at a Mad Ants basketball game to enjoy food, fun and fellowship in the Ant Colony area. This was a new table seating option the Mad Ants offered to groups for their use during the game. Many guests enjoyed eating in the Ant Colony both before and during the game, while others chose to sit in their seats when the game started. Alumni and their families got their money’s worth, too, because the Mad Ants won 119-110 in a double overtime thriller!

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