Love Connections

Told by Ashley Norton Stagni (AS ’09, BS ’11)

My husband, Joshua Stagni, and I were married August 11, 2012. I am a graduate of the 2009 PTA program, as well as a graduate and valedictorian of the class of 2011. My husband and I met on campus when I was involved in Campus Ministry. His name should sound familiar because he is the director of Campus Ministry at the University of Saint Francis.

As we worked on various choir and Campus Ministry programs together our friendship deepened but remained appropriate to our roles as student and mentor. The night after graduation he asked me out for dinner, both of us taking a chance that the desire to be better friends was a desire we shared.

Through that following year, we would discover the similarities we had and the blessings and little miracles that God had worked in our lives to bring us together. As we grew closer, we realized that our relationships with God were strengthened by the faith we had, as well as the encouragement we gave each other to make God our 1# and each other our #2. Josh proposed on December 17, 2011 at the Firehouse (tea house) where we’d had several of our first dates. Many people said, "Wow! That was fast. What made you guys think it was the right time?" Our response was (and is), "We followed God to one another, and when it’s right, it’s right. We didn't want to wait just for the sake of waiting."

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