Alumni Director Ed Schaab retiring

After nearly 10 years as USF Alumni Director, Ed Schaab will retire in June.

He's seen the start of successful alumni programs, met some wonderful people and completed an MBA during his time at USF.

Joining USF in December 2001, he began work on his MBA almost immediately, in the spring 2002 semester.

While he worked on his master's degree, he contributed to the start-up of some alumni events and helped others to grow.

Alumni Zoo Day, which now involves around 1,000 alumni, and the USF license plate project, which supports the alumni endowed scholarships, began during his tenure. Homecoming weekend added numerous features, including football game tents and the after-game dinner.

Most rewarding to Ed, however, has been "the personal contact with all our good alumni," he said. "I've met a lot of good people, and enjoyed working with the faculty and staff at USF. It's been lots of fun and very rewarding."

"Retire" is a relative term for Ed, however. He will teach part-time college classes and his wife, Margaret, will continue her job through next year. After that, their plans include spending more time with their grandchildren and traveling.